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    Global experience of 23+ years

    Motivating 250,000+ delegates

    Talks delivery for 50+ nationalities


    My name is Rohit Bassi and many call me ROI, as I deliver return on investment. For success mastery, executive presence and sales excellence it is trust, resolve and intimacy that transforms people thus organisations.


    Authentic Connection

    An honour to be a TEDx Speaker. People say I am an storyteller, listener and heartfelt person. Individuals and organisations dramatically build trust, resolve conflicts and increase intimacy through my talks. Gaining value such as:

    • Leading themselves and others with great motivation and inspiration
    • Selling and negotiating ethically with outstanding favourable results
    • Communicating and collaborating with tremendous assertiveness


    Trusted Advisor

    Some call me a “compassionprenuer”. I am known to assist individuals to pass through their fears of leadership, public speaking and sales. Sessions done for over 250,000+ delegates across 50+ nationalities thus being:

    • Compassionate speaker, 23+ years of global experience
    • Best Selling Author with Jack Canfield for the book “Success Mastery”
    • Engaging you with the power of ACE; awareness, consciousness & energy

    Worked With

    International Speaker

    Sessions done in Singapore, Dubai, London, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Philippines, UK, Congo, France, Australia, America, India & Kenya. Delivery done to Armani Hotels & Resorts, Oracle, HSBC, Harley -Davidson, KPMG, Baskin Robbins.

    Delivering practical, inspiring and energetic keynote talks for you in anywhere in the world. Inspiration from Meher Baba teachings of "mastery in servitude". Thus I am here to serve you.


    Three most common topics/themes clients book ROI (Rohit) for their seminar, conference, workshops:

    Success Mastery

    Celebrate Your Failures

    Do you have an aspiration for success? Could you develop the courage to face adverse situations? Commit, regardless of the obstacles.


    Whether you have lost your way or looking to grow your career, business or life get into focus to move from failure to success.

    Executive Presence

    Leadership Gravitas & Levitas

    Do you have it, the x-factor? Are you demanding or commanding? Are people willing to stop and listen when you speak?


    Master the illusive art of “executive presence,” also know as personal impact to excel in self leadership and leading others.

    Sales Excellence

    Soul of Sales

    Do you know most people say salespeople are liars; they are the scum of the earth and out to make a quick buck?


    Change is constant in sales be it the market, technology or trends. As a sales professional, learn to be adaptable, flexible and versatile.

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